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The Irregulars are a walking group, made up of folks from Yorkshire & Lancashire and all counties in between.

A love of good & interesting walking, fun and a little eccentricity, has attracted members, of other LDWA groups, to join the Irregulars.  They have never gone back ! 

The Group has specific aims:

  •  A walk is organised every Wednesday, when any guest walker or LDWA member can attend.  Full details are published here on the web site and in Strider.

  •  A walk is also organised every Weekend, when any guest walker or LDWA member can attend.  Full details are published here on the web site and in Strider.

  •  Our walks generally start at 0800am.  But times may alter so check the walk details.  They are usually twixt 15-20 mile duration on mixed terrain.  On our walks a brief coffee stop is taken around 1000am, so bring a flask.  A lunch stop is also made, normally in a pub as they are nice & cosy in bad weather.  They are conveniently planned into the walk to enable folk to get a sandwich, soup or chips, if they wish.  Tea drinkers are most welcome.  Bring a packup if that is what you prefer or if no lunch stop is planned.  Dogs are welcome, under strict control (check walk details for non-doggy days).

  •  Regular trips & walks both domestic & abroad are organised under the auspices of the Group.  Participants are required to be members of the Group.  These are not published on the web site or in Strider.

  •  Other events are also organised in the UK & Overseas.  These are run privately by Group members.  They may be publicised to all Group members & non-members alike and all are welcome.

  •  A comprehensive magazine is published three times a year, usually the month after the issue of the Strider.  This is in full colour, full of humour and totally irreverence and is a “right riveting read”,

  •  The Group organises three challenge walks a year, all advertised here on the web site and in Strider. NEW FOR 2018 - a fourth annual event, a 50 mile walk that is an LDWA 100 qualfier, 

  • We are also affiliated to the British Walking Federation and administer two BWF/IVV 'anytime' walks.  NEW for 2017 - soon to be third walk in the Harrogate area.

  •  Good company and a good natter can be found on all of our walks.  Do walking organisations get any better?  Come on one of our walk and see?       

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