Chairman's vote of thanks - 2009

OXON 40/20 May 2nd 2009.

I would like to thank all those who took part marshalling this year's event - which again had record entrants - we are still counting but it looks like 340+ actually took part - up over the 300 last year.

My special thanks to Carol Linton who took over the catering, both for the checkpoints and for the post event feast! What a great job - along with her team, Dick Bedford, Janet Cook, Naz Lister and Eric. Not forgetting of course our Soup Man Supreme - Chris Lloyd!

My thanks to Tony Turton and Clive West for managing the 100+ Entries-on-the-Day and Margaret Boltwood, Matthew Whitmore and Paul Lawrence the 250 Pre-Entries, so efficiently.

My thanks to Anushka Howell at Stoke Row and her team Barry Boddy, Paul Bobby, Margaret Boltwood, Duncan MacGregor and Paul Lawrence.

My thanks to Martin and Yvette Burnell who managed BOTH outdoor checkpoints at Swyncombe Down and Binfield Heath - a really long day even after Car parking duty and food allocation duty!

My thanks to Gerry Garland (after Car Parking duty!) at Checkenden and his team Nick and Wendy Vanson, Celia and Kevin Knight and Steve Singleton - this is a new team so I hope they have recovered from the shock!

My thanks to Pam Wheeler at Sonning Common and her team Alf Wheeler, Tony Gorman, Clive West and Duncan and Gracia MacGregor.

My thanks to all the cake providers - Pat Lawson, Yvette, Norma, Linda, Celia, Mrs Boddy, Janet and Mary.

My thanks

  • to Michael Cameron-Wood for Car parking and Roving duties.
  • to Clive West for handling all the pre-entry mailing/banking work.
  • to Duncan of course for great routes, along with all those who walked and checked them, Huw included!
  • to Jeff Smith for managing the Finish table - and Gavin Browning! - and to Anne Smith for helping to clear up and Barry Boddy for signing all the cheques!
  • to Tony Gorman for arranging the Car Parks and to John Cassells for bringing back the Soup Container innards in time!

Finally to Ivan Rutter, who created the new computer system that logs all entries, enables him to handle all the email promotional activities, AND prints out superb Certificates at the end (design by Tony Turton). He sat solidly at the pc all day (with a little help from me) to ensure it all went smoothly - how wonderful to get rid of all that subtraction to get timings!

I am disappointed that I was not able to get out to the CPs this year to lend a hand where necessary - so thank you all for using your intiative as well as all your energy and commitment!


Pat Endacott.