About the Oxon 40/20

Oxon 40/20 2022 Challenge Event

Saturday 30th April 2022



Please ensure you, and any others included in your entry, have read and fully understand the information below BEFORE you formally apply via SiEntries.

The Event

The aim is to complete, on foot, a defined route of approximately 40 or 20 miles within a maximum time period of 13.5 hours (40 miles) or 11 hours (20 miles). Strugglers on the 40 (hilly!) route will have the option of downgrading to c34ml.

Route start times differ as set out in Registration and Start; For any start time 40-mile entrants MUST finish by 20:30 and 20-mile route entrants MUST finish by 20:00.

Key dates

Event Date Saturday 30th April 2022
Entries Open Tuesday 1st February 2022
Entries Close Sunday 17th April 2022
Route description & GPX available Sunday 17th April 2022







Note: The event is scaled down from previous editions of the 40/20; checkpoints and food provided on route will be more basic than previously.

Conditions of Entry

By entering via SiEntries you are considered to have read and agreed to all of the event rules. The event rules are the various conditions and requirements as laid out within this about the Oxon 40/20 Page.

You are to provide the organisers with your mobile phone contact number and the phone must be carried, charged and switched on during the event.

Entrants for the longer distance must be over 18 on the day of the event. For the shorter distance any person under 18 years of age must have the written consent and be accompanied on the event by a parent or guardian. At registration on the day the written consent is to be submitted and the organisers made aware of both the junior and the escorting parent or guardian.

The organisers reserve the right to vary the route for any reason, in which case you will be informed as appropriate.

The organisers reserve the right to carry out a kit check at any time during the event. Anyone failing to carry ALL the mandatory kit will be retired.

Cancellation of the event will be at the discretion of the organisers and your entry fee will be refunded less any unavoidable costs incurred. If the event is cancelled for any reason we will put a notice on the Thames Valley website (please check before you begin your journey); we will try to contact you using your email details provided.

There will be no refund if you cancel and/or withdraw from the event. Each entrant must:

  • Complete the event exclusively on foot.
  • Follow the route description provided, including any late changes notified at the start or en-route by marshals; get your time recorded and tally card clipped at each checkpoint and hand your card in at HQ on completion or HQ or CP if you retire.
  • Pass through the checkpoints in order. In the event that you deviate from the route you must get back on route by the shortest practical means without trespassing on private property. Deliberate deviation from the route to gain advantage will result in disqualification.
  • Obey directions given by marshals
  • Make yourself aware of, and comply with, the Countryside Code at all times and do nothing to bring the LDWA into disrepute.

Any person who is identified as marking the route will be disqualified.

No dogs except registered assistance dogs with appropriate third party insurance permitted by prior arrangement. They must be kept on leads at all times and dogs are not allowed in any of the indoor halls (a condition of our hire). Dogs are not covered by LDWA insurance.

In all matters connected with the event the decision of the marshals is final.

Entry: Fees / Certificates / Results

Online application and payment is via SiEntries. Entries will be acknowledged by email. NO postal entry, NO entry on the day, NO substitution, NO refunds.

The number of entries will be limited to 200 on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis. Entries close on the closing date or when the limit is reached whichever is sooner. Any subsequent requests for places once the entry limit / closing date is reached will be ignored. The entrant fee for either route is £15 for LDWA members, £21 for non-members.

Entry fee includes drinks and snacks at checkpoints and some food at the finish, transport for retirees. (Please carry any extra food and drink you might need to supplement that provided at the checkpoints.)

Certificates will be awarded to those who complete their chosen route within the time limit. These can be collected from the finish table on the day. Oxon 40/20 badges will be on sale.

Results will be published on Thames Valley website after the event concludes at Past Results.

On the Day

HQ Venue and Car Parking

HQ Venue. Start and finish is at Longburrow Hall, Park Lane, Stokenchurch, Bucks, HP14 3TQ. GR SU760965. Please note muddy shoes or boots must not be worn inside the Hall. Changing rooms, toilets and showers are available. Baggage may be left at the HQ at your own risk for the duration of the event. The organisers accept absolutely no responsibility for any baggage and contents left at HQ. All bags must be removed by 21:00 on the day of the event.

Sleeping at the HQ venue is not permitted.

Car parking outside Longburrow Hall is for marshals only. Entrants’ car parking is available nearby – from M40 J5 proceed to Stokenchurch along the A40. Within 300m as you enter the village you will see the car park marshals who will direct you to the parking spaces. Marshals will be on duty from 06:15. The Marshals will direct you to Longburrow Hall, a distance of about 750m; you should allow 10 minutes to walk from the car park to the HQ. Space is extremely limited; please car share where possible.

Registration and Start

The three starts are listed below; each will be a mass start. You MUST not commence prior to the relevant start time.

Entrant numbers will be allocated on the day.

You must register prior to the relevant start. A formal briefing will be given at each start.

  • Registration commences from 06:30. (No access to the Hall prior to this time.)
  • 40-mile walkers only: start 07:00.
  • 40-mile fast walkers, joggers / runners (average pace faster than 4.5mph up to a maximum of 6mph): start 08:00
  • 20-mile walkers and runners: start 09:00.

Checkpoint opening times are based on these times and are stated on the Route Description so plan your day accordingly. You will not be allowed access to a checkpoint other than during the official opening times. You must finish by 20.30 (20.00 for 20-mile route), so walkers on the 40-mile route should start at 07:00 sharp. Entrants who appear likely to finish late will be retired at the last checkpoint.

Any entrant who expects to complete the event at an average pace greater than 6mph is to contact the organiser to discuss a potentially later start time. However you will still need to comply with the event checkpoint opening and closing times.

Route Description

You MUST bring along a paper copy of the route description, which can be downloaded from the Thames Valley website (available at least 12 days before the event). You are reminded the checkpoint opening times are strictly adhered to.

Entrants who wish to reconnoitre the route should note that the route may be subject to late alteration.


It is required that each entrant carry a minimum of the following equipment

  • A personal drinking container (at least ½ litres recommended)
  • Face mask & hand sanitiser
  • Paper copy of the Route Description
  • Mobile Phone
  • Whistle
  • Basic First Aid kit including blister plasters
  • Suitable footwear in good condition
  • Waterproofs
  • Compass (Magnetic, GPS or Smartphone, providing fully charged batteries)
  • Map(s) as specified below:
    • OS Landranger 165 (Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard) and 175 (Reading and Windsor) 1:50,000
    • OR OS Explorer 171 (Chiltern Hills West) and OS Explorer 172 (Chiltern Hills East) 1:25,000
    • OR Computer-generated versions of these maps printed in colour at a scale of not less than 1:50,000 which must be within a waterproof covering and at least two kilometres either side of the route
    • OR Map(s) in electronic format (GPS) with an adequate power supply. If using a Smartphone you should carry a separate fully charged mobile phone for contact in an emergency.

In addition your clothing, both worn and carried, should be suitable taking into account the prevailing weather conditions and the forecast for the day.

If you are walking the 40-mile route it is recomended a head tourch be carried.

Event Disclamer

When you enter via SiEntries you will be required to indicate your acceptance of the following disclaimer.

"I agree that I participate in the event at my own risk. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that I have undertaken the necessary preparation and training to participate in the event, that I am sufficiently fit and healthy to participate and that I will comply with all relevant UK Government and local COVID laws and guidelines. I understand that if I have a medical condition that would cause me to doubt whether I can participate in the event, then I will not do so unless I have sought reassurance from the medical profession. I will abide by the Countryside Code. I understand that the Long Distance Walkers Association will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, damage, action, cost, expense, claim, injury, illness and in worst case scenario, death suffered as a result of my participation. On entering the event, I assume full and complete responsibility for any injury, accident, costs, expenses, damages, losses and any other liabilities which may occur while I am travelling to and from the event and during the event. I agree to accept the event organiser's decisions as final, and understand that they will be taken in the best interests of all participants and for the smooth running of the event."

Privacy, Data Protection and Personal Information

The organisers need to store entrant information on a computer for operational and safety reasons. This is a pre-condition of entry and by entering you agree to this temporary storage. The information will be held by the team for planning and event management.

"I understand that the personal information submitted on this entry form will be held by the event organisers and retained securely for up to seven years after the event and is held for the purposes of managing this event only.
I accept that photographs are likely to be taken at the event, which may be featured in Strider magazine, group newsletters, on LDWA websites and on LDWA social media.
I understand this will be held in perpetuity and I have the right to request deletion where it is physically possible for the LDWA to do so.
I understand that some parts of my personal data may be published immediately and may be held in perpetuity to the extent necessary for the purpose of providing a record of the event.
I have the right to request that all my personal data be anonymised or removed where it is possible for the LDWA to do so.
If I have any specific questions about who can see what parts of my personal data, I understand I can contact the event organiser, or the LDWA data protection officer at datamanager@ldwa.org.uk."


By entering via SiEntries, an entrant is considered to have agreed to the above statement and read and agreed to all of the event rules, conditions of entry, and conduct expected during the event.