TVLDWA new website

TVLDWA new website
The Long Distance Walkers Association

Our old website at "" is no longer available.

Most of the pages from that site are redirected automatically to an equivalent page on the new site at The major exception is the Forum, which has no equivalent facility on the new site, so a page to that effect will be displayed. The automatic redirection will last until December 2017, to give you time to update your bookmarks/favourites.

The email addresses which were used on the old site (e.g. "") will also continue to work until December 2017, but you should start to use the new ones - see here.

Among the changes you will notice in the menu (which looks different on smaller screens and phones) are:

  • The "40th Anniversary" details are now in the "Journal", which has been given a structure to make it easier to find articles.
  • The "Contact & Admin" entry is now in "Info".
  • There is a "Latest News" entry, but it is shown only when there is some news.
  • The "AAA walks" appear in their own entry, but only if there is a walk available.
  • The "Email Archive" contains a list of bulk emails (like this one) which are still relevant.
  • On any page which shows a selection of photographs you can hover to get a description of a photograph, or click to see a larger version with the option to run a slideshow.

Please contact with any queries or comments.