A 'Thank You' from Bob Ford

A 'Thank You' from Bob Ford
The Long Distance Walkers Association

Note forwarded from Bob Ford:



Hi Everyone, A belated ‘thank you’ note for your welcome to the 40th Anniversary walk and the subsequent tea-party on Sun 21st Feb last. Perhaps someone has now finished the cake.

My amusement by the invitation turned to bemusement at the reception. The kindness of your welcome and the courtesy in listening to my rather too many ‘few’ words was quite unexpected. To the person who shook my hand afterwards, I must particularly apologise for failing to look him in the eye and reply. I was just too embarrassed. There are people who’ve known me who would pay money to witness me lost for words!

I have since used my pewter tankard for breakfast tea. Possibly a completely wrong use but thank you nonetheless.

Of course it is utterly false to suppose that I played a greater role than the others in the group over the years. I have since been in contact with some, who also had to opportunity to attend, and have pointed out that they too could have received a tankard engraved with ‘Bob Ford’. They are now, doubtless, regretting the missed opportunity.

I suspect the reasons for joining the LDWA, such as to flee other aspects of daily life, to explore the countryside, for the personal challenge of longer distances or whatever, that were cited in the first survey of members in 1972, apply to you. The assoc. was quickly linked with challenge events but its stated aim was always simpler – to further the interests of long distance walking (on foot but not in races). I presume that is still relevant.

Your incarnation of the TV group is certainly quite different to earlier ones and I was equally amazed by the number you drag around your walks as by that entering the Oxon Walks. I can only congratulate you again.

Best wishes, Bob Ford