NEC meeting - Summary of discussions

NEC meeting - Summary of discussions
The Long Distance Walkers Association

Gail Elrick, Chair of National LDWA has forwarded this summary from the NEC meeting on 15th July for wider distribution:

Dear Member




This was a very wide ranging meeting (your NEC members are a very diverse bunch) but I have tried to capture its essence below.


All members submitted progress updates on their particular area, plus several detailed reports on a range of issues and (see below) and Katie Hunt (AGM Co-ordinator) made a welcome visit to discuss format of AGMs.


Our Special Topic was ‘Where is the LDWA going. How should we be promoting ourselves’?


Member Updates:

  • Sandy confirmed slightly higher level of income than forecast (see membership increase).
  • Elections for 2016-17. IT/Internet Officer and Local Group Sec have reached end of their term. Need to publicise widely. Phil to post on web.
  • All agreed the need for a more integrated approach to Social Media (Julie to pursue).
  • David FH to review documentation for the registration of Challenge Events.
  • Christopher updated on proposals for London Wide Park. He has discussed with London Group Sec and there may be possibilities for the LDWA to help by promoting walks I linking different paths of London.
  • Steph reported membership now over 8,000, (with 40% female).
  • David M developing templates etc. to make life easier for future 100 Organisers and is monitoring development of Event Monitoring Systems (as used in this year’s 100).
  •  We were sorry to see the demise of the South Lancs. Group but pleased to note the proposal for a new Group in the Moray area of Scotland).
  • LDPs. About 30 members have indicated interest in helping to keep the LDPs site updated. Neil (with core group) working on leading how the volunteers can best be used and supported.
  • David H was given the go ahead to start producing some publicity materials (e.g. posters).
  • Tim Glenn gave a written update on merchandise. Sales Nov ‘14 to March ‘15 very healthy.
  • Christopher to take over the Risk Register co-ordination.


AGM with Katie

  • Feedback circulated from members on how AGM could be delivered.
  • A slightly different format being trialled for 2016 in Buxton.
  • Consider a location in the centre of UK for 2017.
  • Continue to look at new formats for future AGMs.


Reports and Decisions

  • Proposals to amend the by-laws for elections of Officers agreed. Aim to make the process more accessible and to allow the flow of information. Phil to post on web.
  • The Rules and the Budget for the Dorset 100 were agreed.
  • North Highland Way. There has been extensive correspondence with the co-ordinater for the Way (which is still under development. Agreed unable to include way in data base until final route available.
  • Need for improved communications with Members including bulk e mails such as this one.
  • The Big Pathwatch, the initiative by the Ramblers to encourage people to survey their rights of was welcomed. Christopher was appointed liaison office with the Ramblers.
  • Agenda for Local Groups meeting in November 2015. Some suggestions were made for possible agenda items for the meeting although the emphasis that these were suggestions as the Local Groups will wish to decide the final agenda. John will be following this through.
  • The meeting agreed a donation of £500 towards the development of a Long Distance Path around Baildon, Burley-in- Wharfdale and Otley. This was in line with the LDWAs donation policy. Agreed that this needs to be publicised more widely as few applications were now being received. The sum set aside was agreed as equivalent to that received annually from donations (about £1,000).


Special Topic


This focus of the discussion was the development of a Publicity Policy and the development of a strategy to deal with consequences of continued growth. This will need to include pressure on popular events (.e.g. the 100), how to attract more women, younger members and encourage new volunteers to assist with the running of the LDWA.  David will consider all these issues in developing a Publicity Policy to be discussed at the January meeting.


Next meeting 17 October.


Hope you find this useful!


Gail Elrick