Surrey uses PACER to monitor and record the progress of its challenge events - Winter Tanners, Punchbowl Marathon & Surrey Tops. If you are involved in any aspect of PACER the following links may be helpful.

1. Setting up an Event and Event Control - you will need to be registered to access PACER at this (admin) level. If registered go here & Login using your normal LDWA membership details.. To request registration please contact.

2. Checkpoint Timekeeper - once you have been issued with your 12 digit Checkpoint Key, go here, Insert Surrey & your Checkpoint Key. Check remember me to retain these details. If you move to a subsequent Checkpoint you will need logout then login with the Key for that checkpoint.

If you have a QR scanner app on your recording device then scan the QR code below. It will take you to the checkpoint logon screen. 


For further information please refer to the CP Timkeepers Guide. This may have been sent to you as part of the documentation in your role as Timekeeper.

3. Should you just want a quick reminder of how to set up PACER as a timekeeper then see this Quickstart guide.

4. Just starting with PACER? - these guidance notes give an overview

5. Full PACER notes are available at PACER Help Notes (5700KB)

6. View the progress or results of an event here