Walks Programme

Sat 6th Jun 2020
Group Walk - 26ml. 09:00 Linear Edenbridge Town station to Buxted station. Start GR TQ445465, Finish GR TQ497233. Leave car at Buxted station, train to Edenbridge Town (0738-0845), walk to Crouch House Green (c1 mile), then to Buxted (c24 miles + 1 mile to station). Hilly, Brisk (8.5hrs walking). C: Claire…
Sat 13th Jun 2020
Group Walk - c18ml. 09.00 Starveal c.p. (bottom of Leith Hill). (GR TQ131433). Holmbury, Pitch and Reynard's Hills, Winterfold Heath, Coldharbour, Leith Hill. Lunch at The Royal Oak, Holmbury St Mary. Moderate pace, very hilly. C: Andy Chesworth. E: andychesworth17@gmail.com
Sat 20th - Sun 21st Jun 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 27th Jun 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 11th Jul 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 18th Jul 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 25th Jul 2020

SUSPENDED - SoDNaP 30 - Event Cancelled

Group Walk - n/a
Sat 8th Aug 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 22nd Aug 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 5th Sep 2020
Group Walk - n/a
Sat 19th - Sun 20th Sep 2020

Surrey Tops - Event Cancelled

Challenge Event - 50ml. in 20 hr. Chichester Hall, Witley (GR SU948394). A route through wooded countryside over many of Surrey's tops on the North Downs and the Greensand Ridge. Start: 10am (joggers and runners 13.00 with all to finish by 0600 on Sunday). This event is part of the KSS Triple Challenge requiring…
Fri 1st Jan 2021
Challenge Event - 20 or 12ml. From St Agatha's Hall, Greenhurst Lane, Hurst Green, Surrey, RH8 9DU (GR TQ399512). 0915-1030 (all to finish by 1630). Essential equipment: map (Explorer 146 + 147, Landranger 187 + 188), compass, pencil. Map reading skills essential. NO SUPPORT ON ROUTE. Late finishers will need a…
Sun 17th Jan 2021
Challenge Event - 30 or 20ml. in up to 11.5 hours. From Leatherhead, KT22 7BA (GR TQ160564). A tough winter walk with minimal support on a new route in the North Downs and Surrey Hills. 0730-0930. Full details will be sent to all entrants (including route download instructions) before the walk. Entries and details…
Sun 14th Feb 2021
Challenge Event - …