A London A-Z - Sat 30th November 2019


Another stroll through the alphabet from the Angel to the Zoo - the same route as our walk in March.

Meet at Kings Cross Station 9.45 am by Platform 9¾.

Here is a bit more information for anyone who is hoping to come along:

We’ll start from Kings Cross Station and walk to our first letter, A for Angel. Our last letter Z for Zoo is in The Regent’s Park. We’ll then leave the Park by its south eastern corner, and return to Kings Cross, passing Euston and St Pancras. The whole walk is approximately 16 miles, not just the A-Z bit.

Here is a "crib sheet"  word pdf with details of the places we will be visiting - so you can have a look at what we will be doing and print off a copy to bring along with you if you wish.
I’ve added in italics some of the places we will be passing on our way – this is just for information. I’m not proposing to stop – but just to point these out.

Morning break - Lincoln’s Inn Fields (free toilets)
Lunch break –  Hyde Park (toilets nearby 50p)
Mini-break if needed - Paddington Station  (free toilets)
Afternoon break – Primrose Hill (free toilets)

Really sorry, S for Spoons, T for The Tyburn has closed, therefore no pub stop during the day.

As this is a walk round London, there will be plenty of opportunities to slope if anyone wants to cut the walk short.

You will need to bring food and drink for the day.

If you have any further questions please let me know.

Gill Bunker