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Wallking in the woods? Official Advice

The Forestry Commission has published  Guidelines for visitors to woodland as a result of Ash Dieback disease:

The risk of visitors spreading the disease is very small and we are not closing forests or advising owners of infected sites to do so.

We do ask that if you are visiting an infected or suspected wood, please take some simple precautions:

  • Do not remove any plant material (firewood, sticks, leaves or cuttings) from the woodland;

  • Where possible, before leaving the woodland, clean soil, mud, leaves and other plant material from footwear, clothing, dogs, horses, the wheels and tyres of bicycles, baby buggies, carriages and other vehicles, and remove any leaves which are sticking to your car;

  • Before visiting other countryside sites, parks, garden centres and nurseries, thoroughly wash footwear, wheels and tyres in soapy water;

  • Follow the instructions on any signs.

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