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Heart of Scotland 100 Full

The entry limit of 530 for the Heart of Scotland 100 has now been reached. Any further entries received by 1 May will be put on the waiting list. Entries on the waiting list with an appropriate qualification will be accepted when places become available through withdrawal. In view of this, anyone whose entry has been accepted but knows that they will be unable to take part (eg because of injury) is urged to let the Entries Secretary know as soon as possible, to enable someone else to take their place. The entry limit for Hundreds was set by the National Committee. It was also agreed some years back that anyone not gaining entry to official Hundred due to it being over-subscribed may be allowed to count another cross-country walk or event of 100 miles or more towards the LDWA 10/20 Hundreds badge. Such a walk must be completed within 48 hours and witnessed by at least two other people and conducted responsibly in accordance with the Country Code. Walking the official Hundred route on the same weekend as the official event will not be acceptable. Any such walk must be approved in advance, and the LDWA 100s Coordinator should be contacted at least four weeks before the proposed walk.