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Julie Welch's book 'Out on Your Feet' has now been published

Out on Your Feet', the new book about Hundred Walking by former Strider Editor, Julie Welch, has now been published.  The book describes how, from her first encounters with long distance walking and the LDWA, Julie was enthused to prepare for and take part in the 2008 Yoredale Hundred. The book reflects Julie's own experiences and those of many walkers and LDWA members that she has got to know. It highlights both physical and mental aspects of long distance walking along with a great deal of background, interviews and anecdotes. 'Out on Your Feet: The Hallucinatory World of Hundred-Mile Walking' by Julie Welch is published by Aurum at cover price 16.99 and is available through the LDWA webpage link or in bookshops. Many members have already obtained the book through the LDWA pre-publication offer in August Strider magazine.