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Electronic voting for Treasurer

There is a contested election for the post of Treasurer on the National Executive Committee of the LDWA for 2019. Election addresses for the candidates may be found by in this leaflet and are also enclosed with December 2018 Strider.

The other posts (Chair, General Secretary, Membership Secretary, Strider Editor, IT and Internet Officer, Local Groups Secretary, Challenge Events Coordinator, 100s Coordinator, Publicity Officer, Long Distance Paths Coordinator, Environment, Risk and Data Protection Officer) are uncontested. Short election addresses of the nominees are also included in the leaflet.

You can vote in one of two ways

EITHER (as a preference)
lectronically: Provided that you have recorded your email address on your LDWA member page, go to the electronic voting form by clicking this link to vote  and complete the required details to login, click the button beside the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote, and submit the form. [NB link had been updated from earlier news item]

By post: Use the voting form enclosed in December 2018 Strider;

Individual members have ONE vote, either electronic or paper. Family members may return up to TWO votes provided that they are from different voting members within the member family.

Votes must be received by midnight on 24 FEBRUARY 2019.

Madeleine Watson, General Secretary