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Access to the LDWA Members Area functions is only available to existing LDWA members. If you are not yet a member then you can join via the Membership section of our web site.

All existing members of the LDWA should have been issued with a password to allow them to access the Members Area. If you have lost or forgotten your Password then click on the "Reissue Password" link for instructions of how to get a new one sent to you.

Do you want to automatically log in to the Members Area next time you access the LDWA web site from this computer?. If so then just select the "Remember Me" box before you log on. This will save a small file (a cookie) to your PC with your Membership Number and Password in it. Then the next time you access this site you will be automatically logged in without having to go through this page.

Note - The Remember Me option should only be set if you are the sole user of this computer (i.e. it is a home computer), otherwise anybody else who uses this PC will also be able to access and change your LDWA details.