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LDWA Membership

2006 Northumberland Hundred

One of the main advantages of joining the LDWA is getting Strider three times a year, in April, August and December. In it you will find details of Challenge Events for the next 6 to 8 months, so that you can plan ahead. Full details of Local Group walks are also given and, as an LDWA member, you are free to join any group social walk.

Group social walks provide good opportunities to meet people of common interests and to find out about other group activities, e.g. monthly pub meetings, group newsletters, helping on checkpoints (an integral part of being an LDWA member, we believe), etc.

Many of the challenge events published in Strider have a reduced entry fee for LDWA members and many Outdoor shops give discounts to LDWA members.

Membership is open to all whether they are currently active walkers or not. The membership year is January 1 to December 31. Members joining on or after October 1 will be granted membership for the whole of the following calendar year.

Individual members pay a subscription of £18.00 p.a. (or £15.00 if paid by Direct Debit) and have one vote at the AGM.

Family members pay a subscription of £25.50 p.a. (or £22.50 if paid by Direct Debit), which covers two adults and all children under eighteen years of age. They have two individual votes at the AGM.
Please Note: Family Membership is for a maximum of 2 adults (and any number of Children) that all must reside at the same address

Affiliate membership is no longer available for new memberships

International membership is available to anybody living outside of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. International members pay a subscription of £26.00 p.a. to receive a posted copy of Strider, or £15.00 p.a. if they do not require a posted Strider.  International members have one vote at the AGM.

Strider is available to all paid up members: Individual and Family members 1 copy.  International members receive 1 copy if they have paid the appropriate subscription. UK based members can also opt out of receiving hard copies of the magazine if they contact the LDWA Membership Secretary

An Online Membership System is available; you will need to provide personal details and choose Direct Debit, Credit Card or cheque as the payment method.

If you are an old LDWA Member and wish to rejoin using your old membership number please contact the Membership Secretary who will be able to help you with this.

You may download an application form and send it, with Direct Debit instructions or cheque, to:

LDWA Membership Secretary, 12 Kings Meadow Grove, WETHERBY, LS22 7FR.

In the event of a problem e-mail: or write to the above address.