Marches LDWA


We are the Marches Local Group of the National Long Distance Walkers Association(LDWA).

Our members belong to the LDWA who live along the Welsh Marches and in the English Counties of Shropshire and Herefordshire.

Our group was founded in 1978 and we are proud in our history of having organised four of the annual "hundreds" that are the flagship events of the LDWA. These have been the Marchesman of 1990, The Shropshire of 1995, the Cant Canolbarth of 2007 and the Housman of May of 2011.

All  meetings are closed until after the covid 19 outbreak

We are holding online meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.  If you are a Marches member and would like an invite to these please email Geoff Sproson

(We have regular social/business meetings on the first Tuesday of each month in the Compasses Pub that is to be found by the side of  the A49 in Bayston Hill about 3 miles South of Shrewsbury. We welcome anybody to come along to one of these as we are always looking out for volunteers to help us organise and oversee our activities.)

All our Challenge Walks are unfortunately cancelled or suspended.  Please check individual events for options to rebook, make donations or receive a refund.

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