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Rules For Hundred Completions

  1. The completion must be either of the official LDWA Hundred or the Marshals' Walk associated with the official Hundred and must be done on the advertised dates and within the specified time limit.
  2. Exceptionally, members of the organising committee or those closely involved in the organisation of a Hundred may complete the route on a separate occasion within the normal time limit to count towards their total if their organisational duties prevent them from entering both the main Hundred and the Marshals' Walk. They must obtain approval for this from the Hundreds Subcommittee prior to the dates of both their walk and of the main Hundred, and must provide reasonable evidence of completion. Illness, injury or other engagements are not sufficient reason to count the walk on a separate occasion.
  3. Only one official LDWA Hundred completion per calendar year may be counted.
  4. A walker may not enter both the Marshals' Walk and the main Event, since those taking part in the Marshals' Walk are expected to help on the Main Event. This may be waived under exceptional circumstances.