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April 2009 Committee Notes



4TH April 2009

The National Committee met on 4th April and we looked back on the AGM and the views put forward by members. This was the first meeting with Paul Lawrence as Chairman and our new Committee Members – Tony Deall and Nicole Carbonara.

One of the issues raised by the members at the AGM was the concern that the National Committee has no-one with the responsibility for looking at environmental issues. The Committee discussed this and agreed that it should not be the responsibility of one person – that it should be an issue that every member of the Committee was concerned with. At future meetings, there will always be an item on the agenda to discuss environmental issues that we can influence within our internal activities e.g. car sharing, sustainability and sharing best practice between members. If any member has any good ideas that could be passed on to other people within the organisation, please let the Secretary know and we can discuss the issues as a Committee.

At our next meeting, we will be looking at any bids for funding that have been received – you will have seen the article in the April issue of Strider asking for bids. Please let the Secretary have any paperwork by the end of June.

Statistics were available at the meeting to show how the LDWA website is being used and it is really interesting to see the increasing use of the website, and all the work done on developing this amazing source of information is proving to be effective in bringing the Association to the attention of many people.

Tony Deall will be leading a sub-committee looking at the whole issue of on-line entry for events and they will reporting back to our next meeting in July at their initial findings.


Katie Hunt