Haigh Hall Weekend

Afternoon break in Borsdane Wood Anyone for chicken tonight?? Canal near Haigh Hall Group at Haigh Hall car park Jim ponders in the sunshine Natter in Borsdane Wood Smiles at Borsdane Waiting at Arley Hall

Sat April 2nd. HAIGH HALL STROLL. 15 mile Introductory walk. 19 walkers and 1 dog. Leader: Neil Smith.

The start welcomed 10 new faces to me (one being Jim Rigby from South Lancs) from the car park at Haigh Hall. The route took us out towards Worthinghton Lakes on a very overcast morning, passing through Red Rock and Arley Hall golf course.

Whilst leaving the outskirts of Haigh some IDIOT in a golf buggy with a small child on board, clinging on for dear life, nearly ran two of the group over.

To compensate for one reckless individual we were treated with much greater respect by a golfer just entering the club house at Arley Hall. He was more than willing to give us a history lesson on the Hall and moat dating back to 1367.

On reaching the picnic spot at Worthington Lakes, time was taken for a quick break for some refreshment and to remove a layer of clothing. From here we returned; picking up the canal at Red Rock to take us back into Haigh for a lunch break in the courtyard. At this point the group was depleted by 5 with Reg Kingston being one. Thanks for back marking up to then Reg.

Fortunately the sun was shining for the start of the 2nd stage in the opposite direction. This took us out by the Balcarres Arms and through the fields to Aspull, with fine views over to Rivington Pike and Winter Hill.

We then passed through Stanley Nook farm who have very recently diversified into keeping hundreds of free range hens.(one source I have spoken to who knows the farm says there are 26 thousand!) So we had to negotiate the "Chicken Run" and in so doing communicated with some people friendly chickens who were keen to join us. Good job there was a fence between us!

Onwards into the furthest point at Borsdane wood. The smells of spring were in evidence with the garlic most noticable. Another break was taken here to take in the afternoon sun where a commemorative plaque and forms were provided. Much coaxing was needed to restart the walk from here.

Once on the way again we passed through Hindley golf club, Top lock on the canal system, and back into Haigh finishing off in the walled gardens. On return to the car park it was evident from the comments that all the new faces had enjoyed the experience of an LDWA walk and the group in general.


Sunday April 3rd. Haigh Hall Stroll (part 2!) 28 people, no dogs. 16 miles. Leader : Norman Thomas

The group was almost a three-way split. Nine lovely people recruited from the Timperley area by Viv, Steve and John; ten real characters from Bury Ramblers and the rest LDWA stalwarts. It certainly made for an interesting group. Following on from 19 people making it to Neilís stroll the day before we have to say that this particular introductory shorter weekend walk has been an outstanding success. Well done Norman and Neil.

It was rather a chilly and wet start as we headed down to the Leeds/Liverpool Canal and across to Wigan Golf Club. A woodpecker was heard hard at work but try as we might we failed to spot him. We had a short stop at Worthington Lakes but Norman soon cracked the whip and we headed off to complete the first loop of the dayís figure of eight.

Just before lunch at Haigh Hall we began to get a little hint of the glorious sunshine to come. Unfortunately the old brewery windmill in the Hall grounds is under renovation but it will be worth a trip back in a few weeks to see it in all its restored glory.

As always the highlight of the walk was Borsdane Wood, the bluebells are not out yet but it was still quite charming. As planned we were back at the car park for around four Ė just time for a quick pint in the Balcarres Arms!!!

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Haigh Hall Driveway Viv smiles as Norman tells a tale