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About the LDPs Team

LDWA's Role for LDPs

The LDWA is the UK Governing Body for long distance walking and is recognised by Sport England. Its two roles in relation to long distance paths are:

  • Documenting and publicising the overall LDPs network in the UK, both on this site and in other ways. The LDWA has been the pioneer in this work, with its Handbook being the recognised definitive directory of the LDPs network over some 30 years and seven editions of the book, supplemented by the Chart in the last 10 years with its two editions.
  • Implementing the E-Routes network where it passes within the UK and publicising these E-Routes. This is a coordinating role as the LDWA itself does not have the funds to develop or maintain these routes in detail, nor to pay to advertise them.

E-Route WaymarkThe LDWA does not generally involve itself in the development, funding, waymarking or upkeep of individual LDPs, nor is it a prime political lobbying body on behalf of walkers’ rights. Individual LDWA members are active in these respects but do so on their own account and their views may not be those of the LDWA. There are other UK bodies that lobby on behalf of walkers, with many covering specific issues at local levels. The Ramblers are the major national body, with substantial staff and financial resources dedicated to this role on behalf of all walkers.

Path problems should always be reported in the first instance to the local authority public rights of way section, that is responsible legally for maintaining the surface of the rights of way themselves, ensuring they are free of undergrowth and obstructions. For information on the local authority, DirectGov provides contact details and web links – look under the Directories tab. You can also report path problems to the Ramblers.

Who We Are

A small group of volunteers who are all LDWA members and are LDPs enthusiasts compile and update the information on this LDPs part of this website and compiled the UK Trailwalker’s Handbook – they comprise the LDWA’s LDPs Team. The information is held in an online database; this is the successor to the offline database used to produce the 7th edition of the Long Distance Walkers Handbook.

If you would like to help with the volunteer work or have ideas on improving our services please contact us.

The LDPs data on this site is copyright of the LDWA and is provided on a 'free to use' basis only for non-commercial use by individuals. Any other use requires a license. For restrictions of use see Copyright, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer, that cover use by path promoters, publishers, local authorities etc.

What We Do

The LDWA provides an LDPs Information Service in four main ways:

  • Through this website as an online source of information and newsflashes on LDPs
  • Answering queries that the site cannot deal with directly, e.g. special searches needed by people developing new LDPs.
  • Publishing compiled information on LDPs in paper form, principally the Handbook and the Chart. In the past this was done on a four-year rolling basis and the last editions were in 2002. In 2009 we published a new directory called the UK Trailwalker’s Handbook
  • Keeping members up to date with news of LDPs three times a year through the regular feature article ‘News of Long Distance Paths’ in each Strider magazine.

See FAQ's - Why are you focusing on providing LDPs information online

Waymark on the Saxon Shore Way, Kent