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Please use the following selection criteria to choose the routes you wish to see, then click on the Show as Map or Show as List button. To see all routes just click on the button without setting any options. To remove all options use the Reset button.

If you are looking for a specific path but are not sure of its exact name then entering a part of the name will find all paths which contain the text. Do not try to be too precise! For example entering "Pennine" would find all paths with the word Pennine somewhere in their name. If there is any ambiguity over the path name then use a fragment of the name that you do know as you will then be presented with a list of all paths which contain this fragment somewhere in their name. So if for example you are looking for “Lady Anne’s Way” but are not sure if it is “Anne” or “Ann” or if it contains an apostrophe then just enter “Ann” in the path name box.