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Discussion Forum - Long Distance Paths - Hadrians Wall or Cumbrian Way

Posted: Wed 11th Oct 2006, 21:27
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Yes the route is improving all the time and there are more facilitys for campers, as well as better way marking and off route paths. The farmers or rather there wives have caught on that the Wall trail is good for the locals. Though there is one large land owner who probably needs a boot in his hintend and Newcastle will always be rough but can be avoided.
David H

Author: Anne Wade
Posted: Wed 11th Oct 2006, 20:55
Joined: 1994
Local Group: Heart of England
I backpacked the Hadrians Wall route when it first opened 3 years ago. It seems as if the infrastructure has improved! I had difficulty in finding somewhere to camp on the first 2 nights and had to knock on farmers' doors to ask if I could camp in one of their fields. Both were obliging, but the second resented the Wall and did not have many good things to say about it. When I suggested setting up a basic campsite or a tea room, the farmer's wife was horrified! For the next 2 nights, I managed to find 'proper' campsites very close to the route. I really enjoyed walking the route and certainly learned a lot about the Romans along the way. I did feel pretty walled-out by the end though. It would be interesting to know if there are more facilities closer to the route now.

Posted: Wed 11th Oct 2006, 18:56
Joined: 2006
I walked the Hadrian's Wall Trail in incrememts of 12 to 15 miles to fit in B & B's. Used a baggage company to transfer bags between accommodation. Did the 85 miles over 6 days. It was, in fact, doing this walk with a friend that got me interested in longer walks and hence joining LDWA. We walked it from West to East because a) most likely to have wind behind you, b) we are both from Northumberland and Newcastle so walking towards home. All the info available gives info from east to west but you will find in some literature that the way we walked it is highly recommended.

There is a really nice DVD available taking in all of the route from the air. It is easy walking at the beginning and at the end but quite tough in the middle. The Newcastle end is very built up but to finish off at the old Roman fort of Segedunum is very interesting. Lots of info along the way regarding the Romans and how they lived if you're interested in that sort of thing. Also quite a few places to stop for a cuppa and a bite to eat, although we always carried a packed lunch.


Posted: Wed 27th Sep 2006, 21:06
Joined: 1982
I know both and both have there good points. The Cumbrian Way is more scenic and can be done with a family but is also more rugged and problamatic with a family ie not as much public transport and one or two steep climbs over higher passes.
The Hadrians Wall Trail has a bus service running along side it or close to it for the whole of its length as well as a good train service within easy reach and there is a city at either end plus a lot of villages in between. It is also the most varied route. So as a family walk I think it is the better bet but I would avoid the bit between Lemington and Newcastle town centre (it can be a little rough), mind you I am not unbiased as I was born and bred in Newcastle and live near Carlisle.
David H

Author: Stephen Potter
Posted: Wed 27th Sep 2006, 19:18
Joined: 2006
Local Group: East Yorkshire
did the hadrians wall walk last year. in 15 mile bits. lots of acccom enroute, and also utilised bag carrying service which was cheap and could be handy with youngsters in tow. the last day from carlisle was a bit anti climatic, and we then had to get the AD 63 bus back to carlisle.

Posted: Wed 27th Sep 2006, 15:02
Joined: 2006
I am interseted in taking the family for a weeks walking holiday to do one of the above mentioned paths next year. Has anyone done these paths before who can offer any good advice/recommendations. As my two little ones will only be 1 and 3 years old and may need a lot of carrying I will need to stop in regular B+Bs along the route as will only be covering 10 to 15 miles a day. Is this practical on either route? Also which is the most picturesque, best marked out and least challenging walk?