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Discussion Forum - Events - Capital Challenge

Author: Gordon Parker
Posted: Tue 6th Feb 2018, 13:12
Joined: 1999
Local Group: London
Less than 2 months to go until the 2nd Capital Challenge on Saturday 7th April. There are still some places left if you want to enter

Author: Thomas Sellers
Posted: Fri 3rd Nov 2017, 10:19
Joined: 2009
Local Group: Lakeland
Correct link is

Author: Gordon Parker
Posted: Fri 3rd Nov 2017, 9:49
Joined: 1999
Local Group: London
Entries for the 2nd Capital Challenge Saturday 7th April 2018 are now open on SIEntries at .
We have increased the max. number of entries to 200. Checkpoints are timed for walkers not runners.
Participants last year had a really good time: report and photos at