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Discussion Forum - Events - AGM Weekend

Author: David Morgan
Posted: Tue 12th Sep 2017, 19:55
Joined: 1994
Local Group: South Wales
Message posted on behalf of AGM organiser, Bill Fear. He has posted this message on the LDWA Facebook page.

Dear LDWA members

Would you like to present a half-day or one-day workshop, or seminar, on an area of special interest related to Long Distance Walking? We are looking for volunteers to run workshops at the LDWA AGM on Saturday 10 March 2018 in North Lincolnshire (Broughton).
Suggested workshops are:

Use of GPS. (Known to be of high interest)

Navigation and route planning. (including map reading) (Known to be of high interest)

Trekking / International Trekking / Walking.

Mountain Walking. (Especially in winter and Alpine conditions)

Walking off paths (that is, walking longer distances over rough ground without using paths)

Combining walking and scrambling.

And similar. We are open to suggestions.
If you are interested in running a workshop for the AGM please email me

by 19 September 2017 clearly stating:

1) the topic and theme of the workshop.
2) your relevant experience.

Once all submissions have been received we will make a decision and inform everybody who has submitted a workshop.

Thank you all.

Bill Fear