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Discussion Forum - Events - A Wiltshire 50

Author: Andrew Todd
Posted: Sun 10th Sep 2017, 19:33
Joined: 2010
Local Group: Wiltshire
Would not normally post about a group walk here...

On 14th October Wilts are running a 51 Mile group walk, with 2 halls on route for people to sort themselves out, and to provide a bit of food and water.

The two people looking after the halls would like to start thinking about how much catering they will need to do. As such I am asking if anyone is thinking of doing the walk they can let me know so they can do their thinking.

FWIW the walk will be run as a group walk, however if anyone wants to go at a different pace then they can. As a group walk this has only been walked out, so there is a GPX track, but not a RD. If someone wants to start at a later time, and make use of the halls, for the timings they are open then that should not be a problem (~17 Miles 12:00-16:00, ~33 Miles 18:00-23:00).