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Discussion Forum - Events - 28th Hanging Stone Leap

Author: MIke Rayner
Posted: Wed 9th Aug 2017, 18:49
Joined: 1983
Thank you Cleveland Group for putting on the event for so many years. It was a good route and the organisation was spot on but all things come to an end.

Author: Albert Bowes
Posted: Mon 7th Aug 2017, 13:35
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Cleveland
Many thanks to all those who turned up to do the final Hanging Stone Leap, we had an excellent day, the weather was perfect, hope everyone enjoyed as much as we did. Results are now available on our website at: Photographs will follow once we've collated them.

Thanks to everyone who have done the event over the last 28 years, and all the supporter and marshals who have helped to make this such a good event.

Eva Bowes
On behalf of Cleveland LDWA