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Discussion Forum - Events - Dorset Costal Path

Author: Alison Lamkin
Posted: Sun 21st Aug 2016, 8:49
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Essex & Herts
This is Lyme Regis to Poole, around 86 miles. Having completed The West Highland Way in June which is around 96 miles of Highland hiking along with an element of boulder scrambling. I was full of confidence that this would be a peice of cake. No so. This is a hike of very steep, some cliff hugging hills vritually everyday. However what a hike, with the most beautiful weather of the year during the 6 days I took to do this, I was not disappointed. Tough on the feet and body but clearing of the mind.
I opted to have my main luggage transported each day so I was only carrying a day pack, I would recommend this because will be tough your knees if lugging 20 plus kilos everyday. Especially as the down hills are very very steep.
The heat was draining but plenty of water carried and on most days somewhere to fill up. However be aware that across the Lulworth Firing Ranges this is really not the case so be prepared.
There is some cliff errosion in odd parts but there are diversions.
The trail is pretty good from a signing posting point of view but not the best i have seen so would most definitely recommend taking Trailblazer Dorset &South Devon Coast Path, the hand drawn maps are really good and easy to follow.
I did this alone, it is safe. Only time I felt a little edgy was when I had to walk through populated seafront areas in particular Swanage and I get that they will be in summer but was glad to get away from all the hoards.
Lulworth Cove while busy when I arrived was just beautiful, stay in the Lulworth Cove Inn, you won't be dissapointed.
This trail is a great hike, don't be fooled in to thinking it's easy but you will enjoy as I did.