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Discussion Forum - Events - Three forests walk, August.

Author: Sean Flynn
Posted: Thu 18th Aug 2016, 21:50
Joined: 1999
A big thank you to Essex and Herts for a wonderful day out, I loved the countryside we walked through and with the good weather it's one of my more memorable events. Highly recommended if it comes back on the calendar.

Author: Michael Headley
Posted: Wed 17th Aug 2016, 0:17
Joined: 2008
Local Group: Kent
Try this:
And, as others have said, thanks to E&H for a grand event, in particular the night section.

Author: Armorel Young
Posted: Tue 16th Aug 2016, 20:42
Joined: 1999
Local Group: Sherwood
Has anyone managed to view the results of the Three Forests Way? The Essex & Herts website says: "Stop press: 3 Forest Way Report and Results on web site. Click ere" but clicking "ere" doesn't do anything.

Author: Julie Welch
Posted: Mon 15th Aug 2016, 16:31
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
Same here. A lovely event run by a lovely group, and it was great to see so many friends there. I THINK the soles of my feet may recover in due course but a 3-mile round trip to Greenwich just now saw me hobbling like a little old lady.

Author: Alan Stewart
Posted: Mon 15th Aug 2016, 13:50
Joined: 2004
Yes I echo that, a brilliant walk and my bleeding stumps are testimony to how hard underfoot it was. Interesting check points and a big thank you to Jean for rustling up a Gluten free hot meal for me at checkpoint 5 Sawbridgeworth. Thank you Essex and Herts.

Author: Annabel Wood
Posted: Mon 15th Aug 2016, 13:09
Joined: 2013
Local Group: London
What a brilliant (if extremely hard under foot!) walk! Thank you to everyone in the Essex & Herts group for yet another wonderful walk. See you all soon.

Author: Francis L Thomason
Posted: Fri 29th Jul 2016, 17:45
Joined: 1974
I am entered but have lost my lift. Would anybody be able to give me a lift from any of the central line stations to get to the walkers' start in time.

I an really, really spectacularly useless with computers so best means of contact is telephone 0208 741 3741

Thank you,

Happy walking everybody.