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Discussion Forum - Events - Durham Dales Challenge

Author: Susan Nuttall
Posted: Sat 7th Jul 2012, 21:04
Joined: 2009
Local Group: Northumbria
I'd just like to say that the cheerfulness, determination and gratitude of both the 16 and 30 milers at CP7/C made the day more than worthwhile as a marshall. Having completed the longer walk on a previous occasion I have nothing but admiration for those poor hardy souls on the day and congratulate each one that completed their chosen challenge.

Author: MIke Rayner
Posted: Sun 24th Jun 2012, 16:00
Joined: 1983
The helpers on the DDC yesterday deserve thanks for putting up with what could be the worst weather experienced in twenty three years. Coupled with a strong wind that prevented shelters being erected, they were rained on frequently and persistently and it was damn cold for June. Well done all of you.