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If you look in our calendar, you will see some of the events organized by our Group. Only members of the LDWA are automatically allowed to participate in our social walks but, by arrangement, we welcome visitors who are not members. As our name implies, we cover substantial distances on our walks and maintain a brisk pace across country using footpaths that may not be as well maintained as we would wish. Please e-mail Peter Hogg (peter.hogg@btinternet.com) if you wish to participate on any of our events or have any queries. You will be very welcome subject to the above restrictions.




Stop Press!

Notice of Essex Herts 44th AGM on webpage.

Shotley Peninsula 50, 2019, details on website.

2018 AGM Minutes/General Secretary's/Walk Secretary's and Treasurer's Reports on webpage.

Stansted Stagger 2019 Entry Form and SiEntries form now on webpage.






Changes to Walks Itinerary!!

 ADVISORY: In view of the very unusual and changeable weather of late please check either 'STOP PRESS/Facebook' to see if the selected walk is on or cancelled.  The weather may be fine at your place of residence but be quite different at the venue. (11/2018).




 Social Walks!!

We warmly welcome potential members to participate on our social walks to determine if long distance walking is to their liking prior to having to enrole in the LDWA.  Potential members are reminded that they may participate in 3 club social walks before they are required to join the LDWA.

Please ensure you carry adequate food and drink to last the duration of the walk; even if a pub stop is scheduled it is no guarantee that food will be available on the day. 

In the event of adverse weather forecasts, particularly so in winter, please check with the organiser to ensure that the walk is to go ahead.  Please also check this site before embarking for the venue in case there have been any last minute changes.

You are reminded that only Assistance Dogs are permitted on walks unless by prior agreement with the Walk Leader. See note 'Dogs on Walks' below.




 Facebook - LDWA Essex & Herts now has a Facebook account that is available to all our Primary and Associate members.  We would love to see you join us and here is the link to our Facebook page.


Note: In order to access the above you need to have a personal Facebook account.

The link will take you to the page where you need to request to join the group (click the button).  This can take up to 24hrs to take effect as it is run by volunteers.  If when clicking the link doesn't take you directly to the page, log into your Facebook account as usual (enter your e-mail address and password) then type "LDWA Essex & Herts' in the search area bar at the top.



Data Protection: (Applies to all Essex/Herts Challenge event entry forms, paper or electronic).

I understand that the personal informtion submitted as part of an entry form will be held by the event organisers for a period of up to three (3) years after the event is held for the purposes of managing the event only.  I further understand that photographs are likely to be taken at events, which may be featured in Strider magazine or on LDWA websites. In addition, I understand that the summary information may be published immediately and may be held in perpetuity for the purposes of providing a record of the event.  I will have the right to request that my personal summary information is anonymised.



Dogs on Walks
The LDWA has issued guidance about dogs on walks. In compliance with these guidelines, dogs will be allowed on some walks at the discretion of the walk leader provided the owner has liability insurance for their dog and it is kept under close control at all times - see each walk for specific information.


These Entry Forms (paper) are currently available:
Click on event to view.

Stansted Stagger 2019  6 Jan 2019

 These SiEntries Links are currently available:Click on event below to view.

Stansted Stagger 2019 6 Jan 2019 


Route Descriptions/Instructions


GPX Files



Herts Stroller 2018

Essex Walker 2018

Herts Hobble 2018














Eastern Triple Challenge
Herts Stroller 2018, Winter Poppyline 2019 and the Shotley Peninsula 50 2019

 Essex-Herts Triple Challenge
Continues in its present form. (Essex Walker, Herts Hobble and Blackwater Marathon).



Photo Album of Walks/Events

(Access the photographs by clicking on the desired selection below




Cheques for Essex and Herts Events are to be made payable to LDWA Essex/Herts Group.


First Aid Kits
First Aid kits are always present at checkpoints on Challenge Events, however participants are strongly advised to carry their own personal first aid kit on both social walks and challenge events to meet their  immediate requirements until such time as appropriate medical assistance, if required, can be provided.
Accident/Incident Reporting
The LDWA has issued guidance on accident/incident reporting, available here.  It is strongly recommended that Event Organisers and Walk Leaders have available/carry a form with them on their events/walks.