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If you look in our calendar, you will see some of the events organised by our Group. Only members of the LDWA are automatically allowed to participate in our social walks but, by arrangement, we welcome visitors who are not members. As our name implies, we cover substantial distances on our walks and maintain a brisk pace across country using footpaths that may not be as well maintained as we would wish. Please e-mail our Group Secretary (essexandherts@ldwa.org.uk) if you wish to participate on any of our events or have any queries. You will be very welcome subject to the above restrictions.


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In the event of very inclement or unpredictable weather you are strongly advised to check either Stop Press/Facebook/Twitter to ascertain whether the walk you wish to participate on is to proceed or has been cancelled, prior to proceeding to the venue.  The weather might be fine at your place of abode but not so at the venue.


Non-LDWA Member Participation on Social Walks

We warmly welcome non-LDWA member participation on our social walks to help you decide if long distance walking is to your liking. You may participate in up 3 club social walks before you are required to join the LDWA and then, hopefully, the Essex and Herts Group.

Just turn up at the venue of the walk of your choice and introduce yourself to the Walk Leader who will introduce you to the other members on the walk. There is no need to inform the Walk Leader in advance, as there is no restriction on the numbers who can participate on the walk unless otherwise stated in the walk notes.

Please ensure that you carry adequate food/beverages to last the duration of the walk; even if a pub stop is scheduled it is no guarantee of food being available on the day.  On Sundays, too, shops may not be open early/or be conveniently located en-route from which to make purchases.

In the event of adverse weather forecasts, particularly so in winter, please check either with the Organiser/Stop Press/Facebook/Twitter to ascertain whether the walk is to proceed before embarking for the venue in case there have been any last minute changes. 

Please refer to individual walks with regards to dogs being permitted on the walk of your choice.


Dogs on Walks

The LDWA has issued guidance regarding dogs on walks.  In compliance with these guidelines, dogs will be allowed on some walks at the discretion of the walk leader provided the owner has liability insurance for their dog(s) and it is kept under close control at all times - see each walk for specific information.




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Hertfordshire Way

A 169 mile 'social walk' to be undertaken in 7 or 8 stages of roughly 25 miles each, commencing in early September 2019 and continuing through to 2022.



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 Eastern Triple Challenge

3 Forests Way 2020, Winter Poppyline 50 2019, Shotley Peninsula 50 2019 and Herts Stroller 2018. The 3 Forests Way and any 2 of the other walks require to be done consecutively, starting with any of the walks. Having done so, to claim a certificate forward your name, address and the years in which you completed the walks to peter.hogg@btinternet.com


 Essex-Herts Triple Challenge

Continues in it present form. Essex Walker, Herts  Hobble and Blackwater Marathon. To claim your  certificate forward your name, address and the years in which you completed the walks to peter.hpgg@btinternet.com 


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First Aid Kits 

First Aid Kits are always present at checkpoints on Challenge Events, however participants are strongly advised to carry their own personal first aid kits on both social and challenge events to meet their immediate requirements until such time as appropriate medical assistance, if required, can be provided.


Accident/Incident Reporting 2019 Update

The LDWA has issued guidance on accident/incident reporting, available Here.  It is strongly recommended that Event Organisers and Walk Leaders have available/carry a form with them on their events/walks.