Long Distance Walkers Association

The LDWA is an Association of people with the common interest of walking long distances in rural, urban, mountainous or moorland areas.

This is an update on various things relating to the AGM in March this year. Even if you are not planning to attend, please read on! 

  • Reports from the National Executive Committee are now available (reports). The latest accounts are also available (accounts). Printed copies are available from me (request by 21st February please)  


  • Please vote (using this link). Your democratic right! There is an election for the post of 100s coordinator, and other general AGM matters. Voting closes on 21st February.


  • If you'd like to attend the AGM please register (using this form) NB some people have already emailed - no need to use the form if you've already emailed. There is an option to use the phone as well for zoom. Please see here for details. Please register by 21st February. 


  • Finally, if you have any questions (for the formal business part of the agenda or the open forum session), please send them to me in advance of the meeting (by 28th February) 


Madeleine Watson, General Secretary

email: secretary@ldwa.org.uk, Other contact details in Strider. 


The Long Distance Walkers Association - www.ldwa.org.uk