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LDWA Credits

This site was created, and is being maintained by a number of dedicated members (with some professional help), who have devoted many hours to ensuring the validity and usefulness of its data. Special mention must be given to the following, with thanks also to the numerous individuals who have, over the past months and years, contributed to the site.

James Kirby
The initial site layout and aesthetics, some high level functional design and in particular the header pictures and menu design (
MKH Computer Services Ltd.
Most of the complicated site design, mobile / tablet view and in all of the LDP pages and database design (
Reg Chapman
A lot of the individual page creation and the majority of the membership and events database design.
Madeleine Watson
All of the challenge event data input and checking.
John Batham
All of the local group event data input and checking.
Claire Duncan
All of the membership database maintenance and subscription collection.
Paul Lawrence
John Sparshatt
Les Maple
Acquisition, collation and input of all LDP data and creation of output used by the new UK Trailwalkers Handbook.
Lynn Jackson
Creation and input of many of the LDP downloadable routes.
Simon Leck
The translation of many LDP download routes for presentation on various mapping systems.