Vermuyden Way Anytime Challenge Walk

Vermuyden Way Badge

The Vermuyden Way is a walk of around 20 miles along the dykes, footpaths and by-ways of the Isle of Axholme district of North Lincolnshire. Although in fairly flat and easy walking country it holds much of geographical and historical interest and wildlife is abundant for the keen eye.

The first half of the walk is over what was, until the 17th century, marshland and fen. In 1626 Dutch drainage engineer Cornelius Vermuyden was commissioned to drain it by King Charles 1st and did so in spite of much local opposition. The second half of the walk is over the low hills of the Isle of Axholme which stood proud of the wetlands flooded by the rivers Trent, Idle, Torne and Don.

The walk also passes Epworth Rectory, home of John Wesley and now a museum to his memory, and Epworth Church where his father Samuel Wesley was Rector and is buried.

The walk starts at the picnic area and car park on the A161 between Belton and Epworth - about 2 miles south of its junction with the M180.

Route descriptions can be obtained without charge:

Sending either a SAE to Aaron Hookway 6B Plantation Rd Thorne Doncaster DN8 5EA or E-mail

A badge and certificate is available for successful completions at £2.00 plus SAE.


Disclaimer: - Please read.
Under no circumstances can either the Long Distance Walkers Association or the Vermuyden Group accept any responsibility or liability for any injuries or losses that may be incurred by any persons attempting this route. Nor can any responsibility be accepted for any damage or injury caused by anyone using this route. The route and the information regarding it is given in good faith, but it is the personal responsibility of every one who attempts the route to check the Rights of Way and ensure that they keep to them and their personal safety is their own responsibility. Anyone who uses the route is solely responsible for any damage to property or person that they might cause.










01 - North Moor Farm - Viaduct 02 - River Torne - Bridge Farm 03 - River Torne - near Bridge Farm 04 - Haxey Church 05 - Epworth Rectory 06 - Epworth Church