Passport to Yorkshire memorial walk - Feb 2017

Terry's Memorial Walk the Passport to Yorkshire 

Terry Griffiths's sad and untimely death in Slovenia last year shocked and saddened all who knew him. Terry was due to lead a walk for Vermuyden and it was agreed that a fitting tribute to him would be to complete the walk as planned but make it one to remember. So with a little coordination with a few other northern groups who agreed to take part we expected a big turnout.

8:30am Sunday 19th Feb

The starting point at Worsbrough Mill in the South West of Barnsley began by seeing members turn up from the local groups of Vermuyden, North Yorks, East Yorks, West Yorks, The Irregulars, Lincolnshire, Nidderdale, Calderdale, Cleveland, Sherwood, Anytime Anywhere and South Pennine.We also appreciated that Gail Elrick and her husband came all the way up from London to represent the LDWA national committee. In total 83 walkers started the walk with many old faces to greet and a couple of now non walkers but old friends turned up to see us on our way.

We were to walk as one big group (no tearing off, we wanted a large group walk atmosphere rather than a challenge walk feeling) we had a leader, a couple in the pack and a sweeper at the rear.

After an introduction from Aaron (mainly to outline the day’s proceedings and point out our leader) we set off over the Worsborough Reservoir dam to make our way along the TPT, the Wentworth estate, past the now college and down past the Stafford Arms. The route lead us to Dodworth where we had a drink and a swift sandwich at the Church ;-)

We continued on over the rolling hills past Silkstone and made our way up to the village hall of Hoylandswaine where the ladies of Vermuyden LDWA group, (Jean, Sheila, Bev and Karen) had baked a variety of delicious cakes which were served with tea and coffee. At this point we had a collection for the Slovenia Mountain Rescue team who rushed to Terry's side when he fell ill. 

After another few words from Aaron that were greeted with a round of applause (the LDWA are a bloody good bunch) we continued on towards Thurgoland then Eastfield, past the Monkey pub, originally the Eastfield Inn but got the name Monkeyhouse due to the landlord having a monkey in a cage during the war and was then renamed the Monkey. 

We continued on downhill through more mud towards the caravan park at Rockley Dam and then back towards the starting point at Worsborough. 

It was a fantastic walk, very welcoming and friendly atmosphere with a perfect pace and we had a great day, thank you to all involved (L Harness)

The walk was well led by Peter Poppy with Aaron Hookway bringing up the rear, WELL DONE. (Especially as both had walked the 50ml Winter Poppyline route the day before in Norfolk in 15hrs!) 

We raised over £200 for the Slovenian Mountain Rescue Association, many thanks to all who donated.