Aarons Jungle Trod with a Giraffe - Aug 2016

Aarons Trod Aug 7th 2016

8 LDWA members picked up Aarons E-mail for an ad hoc walk at 8am in his home town of Thorne.

Meeting up, Aaron explained we may encounter a few overgrown places as the Fishlake Fens is a little walked area.

Leaving Thorne we had a little history lesson of the story of Thorne at the Motte, clearing Thorne passing the Grand Design house we passed under the M18 and climbed onto the first River Don bank of the day. Continuing through Waterside we crossed over the river via the Bailey bridge and followed the Thorne Round Walk to Fishlake.

St Cuthbert’s Fishlake is a large Norman church with a locally famous doorway. Leaving Fishlake we gained the River Don bank and encountered the first overgrown paths along the old Don bank. A quiet road walk took us to a nice loop back to the road. Gaining a supposed all byway open to all traffic we encountered the first overgrown path that looked un-walkable (ed: a nice 2ml loop to see a pheasant farm tho) an off piste field walk took us to our goal. Sykehouse show being on, the surrounding area was a tad busier than usual.

Lunch had in The Old George Sykehouse, 45 mins to re-fresh before the 3ml walk along the New Junction canal too us to St Marys Kirk Bramwith with another lovely door and a Saxon font. The public toilets here were a Vermuyden talking point.

Leaving Kirk Bramwith we found the Stainforth Keadby canal through Stainforth, finding the Ashfield Bank we followed this to Thorne Lock and a pleasant urban walk took us through Thorne Park (summer brass band time) and our finish an hour behind schedule after the pheasant loop (sorry folks)

Thank you Aaron for an interesting jungle walk (we even saw a giraffe)