On Daves Home Turf - 14th September 2014

33 folk set out from The Anglers Rest (top car park) on an overcast but warm day.

Along with 12 Vermuyden members we were joined by some from High Peak & Sherwood groups and a number of old members not seen in quite a while.

The day started with a quick amble up Win Hill at 1515 ft and a drop into the village of Hope for a cuppa. (This lulled us into a false sense of security thinking we now are probably valley walking into Hathersage) Nope... we began the ascent onto the other side of the valley into Brough where we had to unfortunately say goodbye to Dave as he was feeling unwell (Dave is our leader for the day!!) Frank took over leadership and all was fine climbing along Brough Lane to bear left onto Shatton Lane and the Moor, the mast was reached at 1279ft before another hop to Offerton Hall, dropping to the River Derwent we followed this West back to Bamford and lunch at the Anglers Rest.

During the lunch break decisions were being made...

The afternoon saw 19 ramblers cut the day short and stay at the pub with 13 long Distance Walkers carrying on under the leadership of Frank Lawson.

The shorter afternoon walk (it was 3pm by the time we left the Anglers Rest) saw us walk east along the hope valley to Hurst Clough and Netherhurst descending to the Hathersage stepping stones again following the river back to Bamford with a little detour.

Many thanks to Dave Sheldon for organising

Many many thanks to Frank Lawson for taking over and leading in the afternoon

A quick word...I obviously jest over the ramblers remark. The morning stint came out as us having walked 13.5 miles with 3600ft of ascent at an average walking speed of 2.7mph. All this before lunch. No doubt a testing morning for any group within the LDWA.  The smaller afternoon group covered another 7 miles to make a 20 mile day.