The Free Peaks of South Yorkshire Hike - 19th July 2014

30 walkers started the walk on a very warm sunny day, Tom and John had devised a figure of 8 route that took in 3 local regenerated pit tips. The Free Peaks of South Yorkshire

We began the walk to the first (Grimethorpe nature reserve) along a number of field boundaries and green lanes, there’s some cracking nettle and overgrown bramble paths in this neck of the woods! The first peak was scaled to some surprising views and elevenses were taken.

We continued toward our second peak (Hickleton Pit Tip) at a brisk pace, by the time we began to scale the peak the group had fragmented with sweeper Tom leading the second group. This tip had a number of stone sculptures and a nice piece of steel work that nodded to the past industry in the area.

We all re-grouped at the Clayton and Frickley club house with a selection of real ales (if you got in early enough!) and said goodbye to a number of the group who did not want to continue the second part of the walk

We continued on our way with 25 walkers, again linking up field boundaries and green lanes to the third peak (Frickley Pit Tip).  Some interesting art work here that a couple in the group could give us a history lesson.

It was a surprisingly interesting walk in the north west of Doncaster on a very warm day. Well done and thanks Tom and John for leading.