Committee Meeting - 18/07/19

Minutes of The Irregulars Committee Meeting held on 18.07.19 at 7.00 pm

Venue, Angel and White Horse, Tadcaster.

  1. Present: Nick Ford (Chair), Dave Sharp (Secretary), Jeff Coulson (Treasurer)

2 Apologies for Absence: Dave Motloch

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 07.5.2019: minutes accepted
  2. Matters Arising: None
  3. Leggers Inn Arrangements/Hangover Hike/AGM 2020

DS reported that he had written to the Leggers Inn requesting repeat bookings for these two events but had encountered difficulties speaking to the relevant person to confirm matters. However, he has now spoken to the new Manger (Andy) and clarified what we will require on respective days. It would seem prudent to ensure we reconfirm our requirements nearer the date to minimise any communication glitches.

  1. A Foot in Two Dales-feedback

Very positive feedback from NF/JC on this event, the number of participants was less than last year (145 in total) but this had been the inaugural one for our group and there had been significant withdrawals on the day this year. Catering arrangements overall had been first class, as had the ordering process and delivery to different checkpoints. Some concerns had been raised prior to the day on whether we had sufficient volunteers to cover all responsibilities, but group members rallied to support on the day. For next year it was suggested that we endeavour to clarify with members whether they can commit much earlier in the year eg January 2020.NF has a good appreciation of what roles are required to fill, and timings. On discussion it was felt that we had good marketing of the event eg good ranking on SSI entries.

7 Donations

Following the AFoot in Two Dales, Reg Tayler had been approached by the National Parks Authority to donate £1 per participant. On deliberation we felt this was felt appropriate but we would request the NP consider improvements to the route ie; providing a footbridge where there were inadequate arrangements to cross a stream (especially if it was in flood).

Additionally, it was agreed that we would donate £50 to Wasdsale Fell Rescue Team and this had been at the request of the late Pete Gardener. We have previously donated £250 to Holme Valley MRT and £250 (plus £300 donated on the day from participants) to the National Trust Marsden Moor Restoration Project following the extensive fires in Spring.

  1. Access to Facebook Page

NF confirmed he is the moderator for the groups Facebook page and that Sue England had suggested the group consider making the site eligible only to members. This was felt to be most appropriate and additionally would tighten GDPR requirements regarding confidentiality issues. Therefore, the site will now be a “closed group”. NF to submit a short article in our newsletter about this development.

  1. Dogs on Walks

The LDWA and the Irregulars have clear guidelines about the requirements of dog owners who attend group walks. Information about this matter has been shared in the group newsletter and advice is also on the Irregulars website. The group will require owners to adhere to this policy and for them be mindful of consequences to livestock and other attendant risks.


1.Hardrow Bunk House

NF reported that Hardrow Bunk House had requested an additional £9.60 for electrical costs post event but this was not identified as a cost prior. A sleeping bag was queried as having been lost but the owner was assured that this was not the responsibility of our members (there had been another group utilising the facilities prior). On balance it was agreed we pay the amount but reluctantly-NF to discuss with the owner.

2.LDWA 100 2020.

Next years LDWA AGM is being held at Easingwold, North Yorkshire.  NF has suggested that the group put on a 16- & a 12-mile walk on the Saturday of the event. NF to lead the 16-mile walk and Peter Bruniges to be approached re a Strollers 12 mile one in the area.  The walks to be included in our Social Walk Programme. North Yorkshire are also leading a 24mile walk on the day, which would be open to our members.

  1. Date and time of next meeting: Thursday 14th November 2019, 7pm Angel and White Horse Tadcaster