Minutes of 2018 AGM

The Irregulars LDWA AGM

Sunday 4TH March 2018

The Irregulars LDWA AGM was held at the Leggers Inn, Dewsbury on Sunday 4th March 2018.

The meeting was declared open at 14.45 hours, there were no non-members present.

Members of the Committee present were: Nick Ford, Jeff Coulson, Dave Motloch and John Williams

Members of the group present were: Dave Motloch, Alan Tinker, Dave Sharp, Dave Wolsey, Lesley Wolsey, Jean Bobker, Nick Ford, Jeff Coulson, Pat Coulson, Malcolm Bird, Jim Catchpole, Frank Tonge, John Astbury, Jayne Astbury, Sid Upton, Pam Baird, John Mosley, Barry Lockwood, Reg Shah-Tayler, Brian Winn, Ann Winn, Christine Stratton, Peter Wood, Mick Abbott, Andy Mohun-Smith, Brian Campbell, Simon Leck, Geoff Wright ,Rita Wright, Chris Haley, Andrea Hutchinson, Mike Warner, Barry Lockwood, Jenifer Lockwood, Tony Ford

Apologies For Absence: Mike Askey, Adrian Broadbent, Chris Carter, Mike Colley, Helen Cavanagh, Sue England, Peter Gardener, Jill Green, Patricia Hesford, Frank Jennings, Chris Johnson, Raj Joshi, Colin Pettit, Peter Reilly,       Ron Richardson, Marcus Rogers, Hilary Scott, Dave Sheldon, Nigel Stephenson, Ian Vickridge, Mel Walker,            Steve Walker

  1. Previous AGM Minutes

The minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 19th March 2017 were accepted as a correct record. 

  1. Chairman’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Chairman’s Report

  1. Secretary’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Secretary’s Report

  1. Treasurer’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Treasurer’s Report.

A vote of thanks was given by Jeff Coulson to the auditor Dave Sheldon for auditing the accounts.

  1. Social Walks Coordinator’s Report

There were no matters arising from the Social Walks Coordinator’s report.

All reports were accepted into the records as read. Proposer: Andy Mohun-Smith.  Seconder: Christine Stratton.

  1. Election of Officers

Secretary - John Williams stood down as Secretary. Dave Sharp was elected unopposed as Secretary.

The Chairman thanked John most sincerely for his time as Secretary. He was presented with a gift of appreciation by the group for his excellent work and was made an Honorary Life Member for his service to The Irregulars.

Treasurer - Jeff Coulson was elected unopposed as Treasurer.

Social Walks Co-ordinator - Dave Motlock was elected unopposed as Social Walks Co-ordinator.

Proposed: John Williams. Seconder: Mike Warner.

There are 4 Non Committee roles within the group:

Magazine Editor: Pat Coulson

IVV Representative: Chris Stratton

Statistician: Tony Ford

All agreed to continue in their roles.

Badge Archivist: Andy Mohun-Smith.

Prior to the AGM, Peter Reilly had requested, to the Secretary, a wish to relinquish the badge archives. Andy offered to become the badge archivist.

Chairman - Nick Ford stood down as Chairman.

There were two candidates for the post of Chairman; Nick Ford and John Williams.

The new Secretary Dave Sharp was asked to expedite the election process. Both candidates were then invited to speak to members about why the group should consider them in this role.

Nick Ford spoke first. He emphasised that the group, being obligated to the LDWA NEC, faced challenges in the future, which he felt were largely driven by legal and social needs. How the group manages these changes was important and he felt best placed to do this. Nick highlighted some of the changes he had introduced or supported and he felt that this demonstrated that he would best manage the change process.

John Williams then spoke. He explained that he had previously wanted to be the chair but his role as secretary had precluded him from doing so. He explained that hitherto, no one had been willing to take his place as secretary. John was latterly finding some of the walks “a struggle” and he would like, towards the end of his active involvement, to be the chair. John explained that he had been a Committee member for some considerable time and that he had acquired the requisite skills and experience. However, John struck a differing stance to Nick. He was of the view he would not be an interventionist. He would have a light touch approach and he was not convinced of the need to follow LDWA thinking and that much of it was in his opinion was bureaucratic in nature. John advocated a status quo standpoint and that there was no requirement for substantial change.

The secretary thanked both candidates for their very clear statements and the quality of them. A hidden ballot then took place. Nick Ford received 20 votes and John Williams 14, therefore Nick Ford was appointed Chair for the coming year.

The meeting was declared closed at 15.30 hours.



Management Meeting Sunday 4th March 2018 (held following the AGM)

  1. Membership Fees

It was unanimously agreed that the membership fees be unchanged for 2019/20 at £10 for individuals and £15 for couples. Jeff Coulson (Treasurer) felt the group’s financial position was most robust.

Proposer: Malcolm Bird. Seconder: Jean Bobker.

  1. A Foot in Two Dales, a 50 mile challenge walk

Reg Taylor was invited to speak on this matter. He explained that at last year’s AGM by a majority vote that the Irregulars would run a 50 mile walk in the summer of 2018. He had taken a lead role in facilitating this initiative and had reported back formally during the course of the year on progress. Reg felt he was receiving significant support from the group but he felt there were considerable tasks required to ensure a successful outcome. Eg there are 7 checkpoints to be resourced and a base to be operated, catering for a 20 hour event, etc.

The chair suggested that Reg produces a list of tasks that are still needed to be undertaken and that this could then be circulated amongst members for volunteers (on a self-select basis).

Pat Coulson reported that she had approached a variety of Yorkshire food and drink producers with a view to active sponsorship. She had been encouraged by the response to date. All those who had agreed to sponsor were donating food/drink.

Reg explained that 146 individuals have already applied, which was excellent and he was hoping that up to 200 could apply.

  1. When the National Committee make proposals with implications for the organisation, administration or finance of the Irregulars, it is proposed that they be referred to the AGM for consideration and decision by members.  

John Williams opened a discussion on this issue, linked to his earlier comments, which had supported his candidacy for Chair. He had concerns that LDWA proposals should not necessarily be acted upon and that members of the Irregulars should have the opportunity to understand and thoroughly consider them. Simon Leck who has had experience at the National level, also agreed that members should have this information put before them.

The Chair said that he was mindful of the comments John Williams had made in the meetings and where appropriate and relevant he would endeavour to ensure members had a voice. Jeff Coulson (Treasurer) stated that where there was a legal requirement to respond then this of course would duly be done The practicalities of doing this were discussed, given that there was only one AGM meeting a year. It was recognised that the group might need to convene at an earlier juncture.

It was therefore agreed that:

“When the LDWA makes proposals that they are referred to the AGM or an EGM (if necessary by time scale) for consideration & decision by members”  

Proposer: John Williams. Seconder: Alan Tinker.  This motion was accepted unanimously.   

  1. Proposal that one walk per month should be of a shorter length to cater for older members.

Mike Warner was invited to speak to this matter. Mike explained that the Irregulars was a group with on the whole an ageing membership, with a concomitant impact on individual health and overall functioning. He in common with other members enjoyed the camaraderie of the group but found 20 mile walks increasingly arduous. He wanted to maintain friendships that had arisen within the group and felt an opportunity should be afforded for shorter walks to do this. Peter Wood mentioned that it was not only the length of the walks but the pace and also climbing stiles etc.

Peter Wood had established the Strollers group (shorter walks, later start, tea shop lunches) which were much valued by members but he understandably did not wish to commit himself to a published timetable alongside the Irregulars.

Dave Motloch (Walks Co-ordinator) said he had concerns about establishing another segment of walks and difficulty in getting sufficient short walk leaders.

The group had an initial vote on this proposal, which was almost evenly spread (14 for/15 against). However, on further discussion, the pros and cons were more considered eg dates, start time, Sunday options etc.

Following a robust discussion it was unanimously agreed that

“In September/October/November the group pilot shorter walks once a month if possible during this period. The social walks Co-ordinator will in due course circulate available dates and invite walk leaders to commit to leading such walks”.

Proposer: Mike Warner. Seconder: John Williams.

The meeting was declared closed at 16.15 hours.

  1. Date and Time of next meeting: Sun 3rd March 2019.