Berkshire Knobs, 7 March 2018

With the fond belief that the snow of the previous week had melted in our area, 11 walkers set off on a bright Wednesday morning from Blewbury. After a long incline, we could see Churn Knob on our left at the end of a permitted path announced by a sign bearing a coat of arms and the motto "numquam tendere cessa"; none of us could remember our Latin lessons from the last century, but the Internet provided a translation: "I never cease to strive". Once over a dismantled railway and a large field system, we crossed the A34 to descend to West Ilsley for a break in the sun.

A long path through woods led to Catmore and then north over a track with the first signs that snow survived in this area. On what should have been a relaxing saunter down a restricted byway to Land's End we struggled for a stretch through knee-deep snow before walking in the adjacent field. (A wise decision since the snow later became waist-deep.)

After lunch (sunny but with a cold wind) we made the long trek up to Scutchamer Knob. A brief excursion along the Ridgeway gave a view of both Didcot and part of the Harwell Campus before descending past what looked like a back entrance to the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, into Chilton, where we had a brief drink stop.

From there it was open fields, with a final view of Didcot, all the way back to the cars.

Photos by Chris Lloyd, Christine Harvey, Graham Croucher.