Tea & Cakes at Fingest, 4 February 2018

Sunday 4th February, Lane End.

"Tea & Cakes at Fingest" was the title of this Sunday social, and there was a walk as well. It must have posed a particular challenge for the leader, Chris L, to arrange for the group to arrive at Fingest pretty much exactly at a 3pm target time, balancing the overheads of getting 26 people over a succession of stiles, plus mud at the muddier end of the usual winter spectrum, versus the effect of the cold northerly wind limiting the desire to linger at the lunch stop. There were at least 3 path variations just between Southend and Turville Grange. But the tea and cakes – periodically laid on by St. Bartholemew's as a fundraiser – lived up to expectations, and the sun even came out again.

Article and photos by Helen Abbott.