Pangbourne Perambulation, 23 February 2013

A walk to commemorate our friend Steve Singleton.

Thames Valley LDWA Group's Chairman Martin Burnell writes:

This was a shared TV and London Group social walk ably led by our intrepid Duncan MacGregor, a man of tremendous navigational and organisational ability.

The TV group arrived early in our cars and waited for the London group to arrive on the 9.01 am train from the Big Smoke. The train duly arrived on time and disgorged its cargo of Londoners. There were quite a few faces I knew from my distant and murky past.

Duncan spoke about our route through the beautiful Chiltern countryside. He told us that although the walk was a memorial to Steve Singleton who was down to lead this walk, we should be cheerful and upbeat as that is what Steve would have wanted.

The walk was about 20 miles long and took us through some lovely villages, forests, scrubland and farmland. There were hills aplenty which pleased some and dismayed a few others. I, as chairman, made sure that the London group were made welcome in our area. It was great to meet them, say hello to old friends and get to know other walkers. As is well known, Steve led a number of walks for the London group.

We had a mid-morning break when many of the photos were taken. Hopefully, some will be put in the journal alongside this article. We had lunch at Rotherfield Peppard. As the London group usually eat in a pub, we the TV group had a pleasant change from our usual short outdoor picnic and wallowed in the luxury of the pub and the restaurant next door, for an hour.

We all arrived back at Pangbourne station at about 4.10pm, happy and tired after a really good Chiltern walk. I would like to thank Duncan again for leading 32 people, quite a task but successfully done.

A collection for the British Heart Foundation was made during the day. This is what Steve’s family wanted. I know Steve would have been delighted that so many people walked in memory of him, our sorely missed friend and companion.

Happy Walking

Martin Burnell, Chairman.

Photos by Bill Dunn.