Crossing Contours and 'Buttercup Belles', 10 May 2015

Crossing Contours in Reverse.

"A tough hilly walk" from Great Kingshill.

The picture was taken mid-afternoon at the top of a short steep slope between Flowers Bottom and Turnip End. The walk itself lived up to its billing, being about 22.5 miles and 3700 feet of ascent (according to Memory-Map) and Martin chose his lunch point to give us splendid views from the top of Loxboro Hill. The route took us through Towerage, Piddington, Lacey Green, Bryant's Bottom and Stony Green as well. The climbing tended to be up long, steady slopes rather than short, precipitous ones; this is in contrast, apparently, to the first time the walk was done (in the opposite direction).

Words by Graham Croucher, photo by Chris Lloyd.