Woods and River Views

Words by Graham Croucher

On 9th August 2015 our leader (David Norbury) offered a choice in view of the hot weather: hills before or after lunch. We picked the former, which meant he then took us up Lardon Chase and, as a geologist, explained the derivation of the Goring Gap (first picture). Proceeding via Bower Farm and across the Ridgeway we took a well-earned break (second picture) at the top of Well Barn Estate (about in the middle of the Chalk succession). A long downhill path through Unhill Woods took us up Kingstanding Hill and Lollingdon Hill, where two opposing tractors caused a minor traffic jam. Lunch was next to the Cholsey and Wallingford Railway, after which we rejoined the Ridgeway at Mongewell and turned onto Swan's Way, to follow it and the Thames Path back to Goring.

Panorama of Goring GapTaking a break at the top of Well Barn Estate

Photos by Tony Davis (Surrey group)