Chiltern Marathon

Chiltern Marathon
Chiltern Marathon

Note forwarded from John Esslemont, Chairman, Thames Valley:


"The Chiltern Marathon, a long-standing (non-LDWA) challenge event which started almost 50 years ago, will, sadly, not be taking place this year. The lead organisers have decided not to continue, as they may be moving out of the area. The suggestion has been made that Thames Valley Group should take it over as from September 2020; the group committee and the previous organisers are content, in principle, for this to happen.

However, this will only be possible if we can recruit a small team of, perhaps, three volunteers to organise the event (plus, of course, more people to marshal on the day). The previous organisers and the Oxon 40/20 sub-committee will be willing to help with advice on what is needed, but the latter has enough to keep it occupied with that event, which is the group's main fund raiser.

The Chiltern Marathon is a smaller event in all respects than the Oxon 40/20 and the burden of organising it should not be excessive. Indeed we hope it will prove to be an enjoyable and satisfying experience. Roles that we need to fill at this stage are:

1) co-ordinator to take overall responsibility and liaise with others for advice;

2) route master to devise routes of marathon distance and write descriptions, possibly reusing those of previous marathons;

3) catering manager, with provision of snacks and drinks envisaged as being kept simple.

However, the main requirement is for people willing to work as a team and liaise with the group committee.

Please help us to avoid the permanent demise of this enjoyable event. You are welcome to discuss what might be involved with any member of the committee, without commitment. Our next committee meeting is on August 12th and we would hope to be in a position then to make a decision as to whether we can go ahead."

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