Accident reporting

Accident reporting
The Long Distance Walkers Association


I hope all your LDWA walking is memorable and you have a great time. However, should you be unfortunate and have an accident or witness an accident while out on a social / challenge walk, our National committee most strongly recommends that you fill in an accident report form. 

Although this is not a legal requirement, there has been occasions where, had a record of the accident not been fully recorded at the time of the incident, the complications may have been quite significant.

Therefore may I point you to the 'Accident Report' form which is available from our website.  Should you need to use it, please log the details as precisely as possible. The aim is to have online completion soon after an incident to ensure that a record is kept on file in case of future complaint or litigation (John Sparshatt - National Chair).  Similar guidelines/form should be available on the National LDWA website.

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Kind regards

maureen Downes

TV Secretary