Thames Valley AGM - Meeting Minutes

Thames Valley AGM - Meeting Minutes
The Long Distance Walkers Association

Dear Members,

Firstly a note from our newly appointed Chairman, John Esslemont:

Those of you who attended the AGM will be aware that I volunteered for the role of Chair with a degree of reluctance, mainly to avoid the constitutional problems that would have arisen if the meeting had failed to elect a Chair. I am confident that we have an excellent team of volunteers in place to run both the regular activities of the Group and the Oxon 40/20, and I shall do my best to give them any necessary support. I should be happy to hear the views of any member on things the Group could do better, or differently, particularly if they include offers of help!

Best wishes to all for a further great year of long distance walking,

John Esslemont


Additionally, please find link below to the minutes of the Thames Valley AGM which was held on Sunday 13th January 2019


Kind regards

Maureen Downes