Positions Vacant - Thames Valley Committee

Positions Vacant - Thames Valley Committee
The Long Distance Walkers Association

Dear Members,

Gerry Garland has taken the decision to resign  with immediate effect and therefore Thames Valley finds themselves without a Chair.  Therefore the remaining committee members are looking to fill this position.

The role of Chair is not onerous and as a guide, here are the key attributes for the position:

  • Represent TV LDWA as its figurehead
  • Chair committee meetings (~3-4 times per year)
    • Chair AGM and write report summarising the groups year
  • Provide leadership, ensuring all viewpoints/opinions are listened to and the committee runs effectively.
  • Reach consensus views, make sure decisions are made with a vote.
  • Respond to queries/complaints (emails/other) directed to the chair and forward to appropriate committee members for action if required.
  • Delegate duties as applicable

Additionally, Thames Valley needs a co-ordinator for the Oxon 40 / 20. The event is the only fund raiser for Thames Valley and its success is due in part by the support of the members. The key aspects of the co-ordinator are:

  • Take a lead role and facilitate the event
  • Single point of contact

If you would like to put your name forward for either of these roles please forward your name to Maureen Downes by 30th July.

If anyone is thinking of offering their services but would like more information, please do not hesitate in speaking with any member of the committee.

Best regards

Maureen Downes

Thames Valley Secretary