National AGM - Summary

National AGM - Summary
The Long Distance Walkers Association


I attended the National AGM in March and I logged the following points of interest from the meeting. Obviously, a very brief summary of interesting topics.  

Chair - Gail Elrick

  • Draw up business plan for the future of the LDWA
  • Set up a forum for communicating with local groups  - suggested a focal point for each group

Membership – Steph Carter

  • Up from last year by 3.2% - now stands at 7973
  • >5600 members now pay by Direct Debit

Local Groups Secretary – John Batham

  • Standing down having completed his 5 year term
  • Group Secretary weekend a success
  • Julie Cribb taking over as Local Group Secretary

Internet – Simon Leck

  • Standing down having completed his 5 year term
  • Adam Dawson (London group) taking over

100’ Co-ordinator – David Morgan

  • 2019 event will be hosted by Northumbria, taking in some of the Pennine Way, Hadrian’s Wall and Teesdale

Long Distance Paths – Paul Lawrence

  • Need additional support to realise project
  • Pilot scheme in place to train four volunteers
  • No current plans to issue a revised handbook
  • Key priority is to get succession of members to continue updating LD paths, currently standing at ~ 1500

Data Protection – Chris Hedley

  • On-going activity
  • Updating forms for Challenge Events
  • Use National Membership Database wherever possible – safest option

Publicity – David Holland (absent)

  • Working on  a Publicity Strategy
  • DH will be contacting event organisers to offer support 2/3 weeks prior to event 


  • All principle committee officers re-elected
  • Ballot for executive officers - six selected from seven candidates 


No change to Annual Membership - £13



  • Sad announcement of two deaths of LDWA members – Ernie Bishop and Barbara Williams
  • UK Search and Rescue Survey
  • 2018 AGM – Need a volunteer to manage the event
  • Proposal from Cornwall and Devon to extent closing times of the earlier CP’s
  • Request to increase number of Strider issues to 4 per year