Dogs on Walks

Dogs on Walks
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Note from RSPCA and Bucks County Council

The RSPCA is warning Buckinghamshire dog walkers to keep dogs on a lead after a sheep was so badly injured in an attack it had to be put to sleep.

It's after one farmer had two dog attacks in two days - the fatal injuries happened just over a week ago near Cadmore End, in High Wycombe.

Farmer Isabelle Bowden says its not about the size of the dog, it's any dog which is out of control:

"It could be anything from a terrier to a large alsatian both can do just as much damage especially nocturnal dogs and the owners are oblivious, it's let loose and can rip an animal apart"

RSPCA inspector Rachel Smith says:

"When walking dogs, owners need to take responsibility for keeping the dogs on leads and away from sheep. It is unacceptable to walk a dog near grazing farm animals off the lead even if the owners believes their dogs are friendly or never had a problem before."